The wool we use

All Arctic Edge garments are made using a custom and sustainable wool blend, unlike anything else on the market today. The wool blend is spun in New Zealand and consists of :

The ZQ merino wool is ethically sourced from free range sheep in New Zealand and Australia and is guaranteed non-mulesing.

The possum is a non-native, invasive animal to New Zealand and causes immense harm to the country's natural flora and fauna. The fibres sources are a by-product of the national eradication program. You can read more about the threat possums cause on the New Zealand Department of Conservation website. By purchasing an Arctic Edge garment, you are helping protect New Zealand's unique ecosytem. 

The Mulberry Silk originates from China, and provides the wool blend and garments structural strength.

Our garments are also Made in New Zealand by a small family run workshop, guaranteeing the highest quality and workmanship.


Luxury garments ... for extreme conditions to Mission Impossible

The blend is unique. And to feel it is to believe it. 

Luxuriously soft and warm, yet light and comfortable. Arctic Edge knits this custom wool blend in a manner that creates long lasting, and functional garments, that are suitable for the great outdoors.

The possum fibres are hollow creating extra warmth and are hydrophobic. Breathing through our neck gaiter in the winter means that even when the garment gets wet, it still stays warm and comfortable against the skin.

Arctic Edge is currently the best selling outdoor brand on Svalbard (large island near the North Pole), considered to be one of the most extreme places on the planet. Our garments have kept guides and residents of Svalbard warm for the past 10 years. We are now sharing this warmth around the world.

Recently Arctic Edge garments were spotted on the Queen on Norway, the Crown Prince of Norway (link here, while crossing Greenland), and Tom Cruise (link here and here, while filming the latest Mission Impossible).